MarineSinead Kenny

Diving in Flores

MarineSinead Kenny
Diving in Flores

Originally Flores was called Nipa, but that was changed by the Portuguese. I’ve heard different stories about how Flores got its name – some say it was named ‘flowers’ in Portuguese because of the stunning flora all over the island; some say it is due to the coral flowers that are a stunning feature of the marine world and coastline of Flores.

Whatever the true reason, there is no doubt the coral flowers and marine life are what makes Flores so unique and considered the new IT spot for diving and travelling in Indonesia. Indonesia presents many beautiful diving and snorkelling locations; however, Flores offers a new adventure – with beautiful dive locations held as the secrets of boat captains and tidal flows that protect the reef and the incredible number of species that live there.

The waters around Komodo National Park are home to 90% of the worlds various sea life species and Komodo National Park is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Natural Site. One of the most spectacular creatures seen in this area are the manta rays, who are found living and migrating around Nusa Penida, off the coast of Bali, and around Komodo. Their migration patterns are followed by divers all over the world, keen to spend time underwater with the majestic animals.

One of the most discussed natural boundaries in the world is a narrow strait that lies between Bali and Lombok – the Wallace Line. Drawn by Alfred Russel Wallace in 1859, the Wallace Line is a deep-water channel that has offered explanations to why certain species are found shared between parts of Asia and Australia. The deep-water levels and huge volume of water that passes through the channel around Komodo also offer cooler water temperatures which protect the corals from bleaching.


For so many reasons, you need to dive with experienced companies and people who have dived in the area for many years. There are strong currents all around Flores and its islands, so your boat captain and dive instructor are best equipped to direct you on the right places to dive and what to look out for. They also spend their lives in the crystal-clear oceans of Flores, so they know where the most incredible dive sites are and what you can expect to see. For me, there is also something magical about the stories: the dive masters who know the ocean as well as their home and can share the history of the area; the famous or infamous divers who went before them; and of course, the stories about the creatures you ‘meet’ while diving.


Diving and snorkelling in Flores offers underwater adventures into a new world, a world full of colourful and exotic animals, beautiful corals and pristine waters that are cared for by the people of the islands. We encourage you to take your time while in the water and appreciate the natural beauty that sees Flores being touted as the new jewel in the crown of Indonesia.

But… don’t take my word for it! Book a dive and experience a marine world unlike any other.

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